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How to Use Layered Borders and Tall Strips on Scrapbook Pages

Readymade Layers Borders and Readymade Tall Strips by Studio DD are wonderful products that can make putting a page together fast and easy. The borders are beautifully grouped embellishments that create a vertical or horizontal line. When you need to get a page done quickly or just need inspiration, here are seven creative ways to use the borders on a scrapbook page.

  1. Under a photo: The most popular way to use borders is to place them below a special photo. Select an especially beautiful or important or favorite photo for the focus of the page. Position a border across the bottom edge of the photo. Add a title and journaling and then finish the page with frames or other embellishments around the photo.
  2. Under a photo grouping: Like the first technique, a border can be placed below a grouping of photos. Choose several coordinated photos to create a group. Frames are a good way to cluster photos attractively. Move a border across the bottom of the grouping, then finish the page with a title, journaling and any other embellishments you want to use.
  3. Divide a page: For this technique, use a large photo that fills a good portion of the background. Position the photo across the top of the page. Select a coordinating paper and place it across the bottom of the page. Move a border where the photo and paper meet. This is a great way to feature a photo and keep it the focus of the page. Vary this technique by choosing two coordinating papers. Place one across the top and the other across the bottom. Use the border to cover the space where the papers meet. Tuck photos into the top or the bottom of the border.
  4. Edging: Another place to use a border is on the edge of a page. Whether you use it across the top, bottom or side of a page, it's a wonderful way to take your theme and color all the way to the boundaries.
  5. Pocket page: Doing Project Life style scrapbooking? Layered borders are a fast and fun way to embellish your pockets. Whether you use a border across a horizontal pocket or use the individual items in the layers to scatter around the page, you'll appreciate having a group of themed items to decorate your layout.
  6. Tucked into a grouping: Selecting a group of photos is a terrific way to tell a story on your page. Borders can be tucked in, around or behind the stories to help convey the theme and delight the eye. Try weaving the border over and under parts of the page for visual interest.
  7. Vertical hanging line: Used vertically, borders are a beautiful way to "hang" photos on a page. This helps anchor the photo and can be used on both simple and more complex designs.
Readymade Layers Borders and Readymade Tall Strips are not only beautifully constructed, they are also fun to use in a variety of ways. The next time "Scrappers Block" hits, try using a border to jump start your creativity.
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