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Instant Glitz in Photoshop and PSE

Foil and glitter are classic looks that are now on trend, adding a festive look to your digital projects. Adding a touch of sparkle to your design is a great way to glam it up. Embellishments like titles, stamps, edgers and photo mats look great with shimmer without overwhelming the overall look of the project.

Here's how to jazz up page elements with foil or glitter:

Begin with a piece of digital paper with a glitzy design like Katie Pertiet's Glad Tidings papers or add-ons.
Open a PNG title, stamp, edger or photo mat.
Use the Move tool to drag the paper onto the embellishment document.
Drag the paper layer above the embellishment layer in the Layers Panel and select the paper layer.
Now clip the embellishment to the glitz paper:
In Photoshop, press Alt Ctrl G (Mac: Opt Cmd G)
In Elements, press Ctrl G (Mac: Cmd G)
This digitally "glues" the paper to the embellishment, adding shimmer to the design.

Try using papers with glittery designs combined with bold, simple graphics like the Cool Yule brushes or Holiday Trees Masks.

Load your cart with glitzy papers at the Katie Pertiet Designs store to use this popular technique on your own creative projects.
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