Get Inspired Scrapbooking Challenge: Game Cards

So here we are – mid way through November!! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be taking some big settling breaths about now – especially as I’m a day late! BUT – I do have a little challenge for you today and I hope you can take a  some time to yourself to play!

We’re going to use Game Cards this month. AND if you don’t have any of these cute babies in your stash – well – it’s the 50% off store wide sale; the perfect time to snap up a couple of your favourite packs from this range:

I don’t title my pages very often, but I do like to use a word on an element as just part of a longer title. The CHICK card in the Easter Pack gave me the perfect part title for this little Claire story. Can you pair a typed title with a card to help tell your story?

Of course you can always just tuck the card right behind a photo or piece of paper so that just the Word is showing, or use one of the Month Pack cards to date your page. What about using the card as a photo mat for a square photo? With the addition of a carefully chosen element top and bottom it makes for a nicely elegant page design.

So you can hide all those numbers – but I kind of like the look of them. Often when I’m a bit short on inspiration I use the three in a row horizontally idea. I often use an appropriate pocket card for this idea – duplicated twice, with paper clipped to one and the photo clipped to the other. Add a pile of elements here and there – and voila! Game Cards work equally as well! The Wish card from the Holiday pack was perfect for this photo of a wishing Christmas Tree tradition!

Of course sometimes, leaving the ‘cards’ in a straight row feels a little boring and you just have to nudge things up and down a little like I did here! And see how the Game Card sits nicely over the ‘fat’ bit of the insta-looking frame?

So – can you use a Game Card to top and tail a photo or line up a group of three (or four if necessary!!)?

I will be adding my layouts with full credits to the Get Inspired Gallery and I hope you can join me there this month.

Don’t forget to add your 100% KPD page to the November Challenges Participation Sign in Thread for store rewards!

Happy scrapping everyone!