Get Inspired Scrapbook Challenge: Pencil Line Frames

Good morning everyone! Sharon (Shannamay) here with another Get Inspired Challenge. There is so much sadness as we look around at our poor world today – I feel very grateful to have scrapbooking to provide some creative time away from the worries and concerns that we are all dealing with.

This month I’d like to focus on Pencil Lines Frames Brushes & Stamps; particularly those in the first pack that Katie released back in 2010.

I love the variety in this pack and I had some fun making a layout for each kind of frame included.

I thought the straight line frames looked a little like lines you might see on a blueprint and I wanted to use them to create a ‘groundwork’ for a page design. I placed the two different sized frames in the collection randomly in the centre of my page and then started building up the layers of my design – moving the underlying frames around as necessary as the design grew.

When I looked at the scalloped frames in the collection, I knew I wanted to make paper cutouts of them. I placed a frame over my chosen paper and used the magic wand tool to select the outside of the frame. I then inversed my selection so that the entire frame was selected. Then I expanded the selection by 20 pixels and with the paper layer selected, created a new layer via ‘cut’ (then deleted the extra paper layer). Then I used the magic wand to select the inside of the frame, contracted the selection by 20 pixels and deleted it. I then merged my frame and paper layers and was able to use it as a layering element in my design.

The square scribbled frames were perfect for scrapping our small artist. I used the eyedropper tool to choose a colour from the photo to clip to the frames. I found that I needed to used the eraser tool to erase the parts of the photo that extended past the frame as using the magic wand wasn’t as effective with these frames. I added some appropriate elements and I was done!

The final type of frame looked perfect for constructing a grid, but then I thought about combining them with one of Katie’s Watery Window Frame Layers 02 to scrap a photo I snapped on a recent Bush Walk.

I used the top right one that has a definite gridwork and used the pencil line frames under the mask to ‘complete’ some of the squares in the Watery Window. I found a font (freely available) called “Made With B” that is an almost perfect match for these sketchy frames and used that for title.

I hope you can join me this month and use some pencil line frames on a layout. I will be putting my example pages in the Get Inspired Gallery and I hope to see yours there too 🙂 Don’t forget to add your 100% KPD pages to the August Challenge Participation Sign In Thread to earn shopping rewards!

Happy Scrapping!