You Are Stronger Than You Think

You Are Stronger Than You Think

When I had my large weight loss back in 2015 it was hard, hard work. What I didn't realise at the time was how much easier it was that we were in a good situation with very little stress. And at that point in time, my body still worked! LOL! I have no where near as much weight that I want to lose this time but let's just say it's not easy when the universe is throwing all it's got at you. :)

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Journaling: To say the journey so far has not been easy is an absolute understatement. Nothing has worked how it should to date and any progress I have made has been done entirely by pushing **** uphill. But as they say, progress is progress no matter how small. I have lost 10kg now from ‘2020’s gain’ and I am proud. Proud because those 10kg have included me recovering from surgery, dealing with bulging discs and spinal nerve impingement, dealing with a bung shoulder, dealing with major pain flares and swelling in most of my joints, a major illness and hospital stay and the very severe stress while Dylan was out of work. Through all of that I have not once given up. Even on the days when I don’t want to move, I refuse to never give up.
This is a great page. I love the stitched strips. Such heart felt journaling. You loo fabulous. Way to go keeping with it through all of those challenges.
Your design rocks, and so do you! Embrace the progress you've made as it wasn't easy getting there. You are an inspiration, don't forget that!
You look so great, Trace. As usual, I am inspired both by your terrific journaling and scrapping creativity! I hope life clams down for you now!

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