Simple Things

Simple Things

My sister in law has shown me joy in so many simple things in nature. She took a mushroom foraging class last year, and her excitement over it has officially spread my way! She came over last weekend and we went deep into the woods to see what mushrooms were left this late in the fall.

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Amazing mushroom colors and shapes. Just like in the illustrations in children’s fairytale books.
Merr- you took the words out of my mouth! When we found the adorable, red one, I said something so similar. And it made me feel like a young girl looking at her picture books in amazement!
Those are some very cool mushrooms - I had the exact same thought as Merrilee! Wonderful page documenting your adventure.
Wonderful page! I love all the wonderful fall mushrooms. We didn't have as many or as much variety this year.
Such a cool page Addie. There are so many simple pleasures we all take for granted, for sure.
How wonderful! I love seeing the mushrooms around here but we rarely see any variety. Looks like a fun expedition and a great way to capture it all.

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