Scraplift Chain-View From Here.jpg

Scraplift Chain-View From Here.jpg

Carmel (caapmun) always has such beautiful photos on her pages. I lifted this one because I loved the perspective of her photo.
I captured this view was of Navy Pier in Chicago when we went on the Architectural Boat Tour last year. I loved looking back across the water to the city. Thanks Carmel and Cori for the inspiration!

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Your photo captures a great perspective of the skyline like Carmel’s does of the lavender and farmhouse. Terrific lift!
Absolutely beautifully done, fabulous use of the spill frame and beautiful with this kit!!!
A wonderful photo that helps us feel like we are on the boat looking back at the Pier with you, Jana. You surrounded your photo with beautiful blue colors and blended brushwork. It's a masterpiece and I also enjoyed seeing Carmel's lovely original again that inspired you.
Wonderful view; reminds me of the boat tour we took in Chicago! You chose a fabulous page to lift and pulled it off beautifully!
Fabulous lift - love that background paper with your super photo! We did that boat tour when we visited Chicago - it was amazing.

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