Polar Bear Swim 2023

Polar Bear Swim 2023

If you have followed me for a while, you will know that every January first, along with a lot of other crazy Canadians, I jump into the freezing cold ocean and swim out to ring the bell and start off the new year. I knew that this year I couldn't make it to the bell because last time I almost didn't make it back, but I did make it out and fully submerge! My daughter does it too which I think is amazing. It is a great tradition!

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You are crazy!!! But, it must feel quite exhilarating! I'm amazed to see that large photo in the background with so many people gathered for the event.
You are crazy!!! But, it must feel quite exhilarating! I'm amazed to see that large photo in the background with so many people gathered for the event.
They had a record 450 crazies registered this year...most ever! It also was warmer out than it usually is which might have made it more appealing. We have had ocean ice in prior years...now THAT is cold.
OMG! They polar plunges here too, but yeah, no way! Kudos to you and your daughter and awesome page!
You can barely get me in the water in the summer. I can't even imagine this time of year LOL. Terrific page to document your day.
No way! The water has to be 23C before I wet my toes! Well done to you and your daughter! I hope the tradition lasts many more years....great page! 11/10
Yikes!!!! You're amazing. Your daughter is amazing. And I am shuddering to think how cold that must be! I'm sitting here all whiny because my hands are chilly in my heated house!

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