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As a teacher, I often remind myself of the stories my mum told me about teachers who made her feel bad because she had jam sandwiches for lunch. When I look at the house my mum and her siblings grew up in, I'm surprised they even had jam to put on the bread. My sisters and I never had extras growing up, but we sure lived in luxury by comparison. Photos taken by Janelle Smith.
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Wow, remarkable to think of six kids and their parents in that little house. How amazing to have these photos, and what a wonderful page you created with them. There were a ton of challenges in "the good old days," for sure.
So interesting and what a childhood for your mother and her siblings. Not so long ago either. Wonderful photos.
I love this!! This kit is perfect for your photo and your journaling!
Wow! Amazing story and wonderful details that you captured. Even as small as it is, can you imagine building your own house? I have trouble with assembling furniture with directions.
Amazing photos, so glad you have them. I don't think we really have it so rough these days.
And it looks to be a small house for a family of 8. (that's what we were too) I loved reading your stories, and seeing the old homestead. Gorgeous page!
Wonderful photos and journaling. It's a peek into the past and memory keeping at its best!
People really did it tough in the Depression....I'm constantly amazed by the resilience of people in times like these. This is a great page and a terrific way of preserving the history and memories of this house! Love the photos, journaling and the tree and fence! Great work! 11/10

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