Living Our Best Lockdown Life

Living Our Best Lockdown Life

We just had our term 2 school holidays. Unfortunately, just like term 1 we spent almost a week in a covid lock down. Not only that, it rained that entire time as well. We tried to make the most of it but I think Mummy has some new grey hairs! :)

Thanks for looking!

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Font: Traveling Typewriter, Pea Sarahloo
Journaling: In what seems to be becoming a ‘new norm’, we spent almost the entire first week of the Term 2 school holidays under a covid lockdown. While I get the need I just think it’s so unfair for the kids. What didn’t help either was that it rained that entire week. So while we couldn’t go anywhere or visit with friends and family we were also stuck inside with some crazy cabin fever! We did a lot of arts and crafts that week! We painted rocks, played hop scotch, made a bird house, started work on a mosaic lantern, made clay stop motion figures, built many lounge room pillow forts, played dress ups and watched lots and lots of episodes of the Smurfs! We drove each other crazy at times but we made the best of a crappy situation!
I loved reading your journaling! The strips of torn patterned paper are gorgeous. I'm sorry about your lockdown. The kids certainly look happy though. Way to go Mom!
What a beautiful Page to sad days! The use of the template and the so many elements together make the whole gorgeous!
Great documentation of what it is like to be in lockdown with young children and especially in rainy weather. You are to be commended for keeping them busy with crafts, games and activities, but, I am sure it wasn’t easy!
Awesome documenting the bad that comes along now and then too. You're writing this like it just happened. Has there been a change over there? I was under the impression that NZ was doing so well, right from the get-go. I feel bad for the kids too, Trace. (and the parents that don't get a break)
Very trying times! I am in awe of your list of creative activities, so much fun! Your kiddos don't know how lucky they are! Love the colours and torn strips.

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