Expose the Dog
Amy L

Expose the Dog

I was honored to have the opportunity to curate a dog using products by Katie and Kelly. Katie’s creativity and productivity are unparalleled, and Kelly’s designs are right up my alley. This kit is coming soon!

Journaling: I took an online class called “Expose the Dog.” After being a hobby photographer for over a decade, I thought I knew how to expose an image, but I was wrong! Getting a better grasp on the nature of light, I learned how to work with the light and dark tones in a scene to get the best detail on my subject. These are photos I took for the last assignment of the class. Although I made some mistakes, overall I was pleased with the outcome. I was so grateful for my willing subjects who were always happy to pose!

Ancestry Sticker Sheet 04 (because I failed to put a camera in there lol)
Curated Team Favs Dog Kit
Nice, detailed photos! Your class must have been interesting. Your subjects are awfully photogenic.
Your photos are gorgeous, are you kidding? What mistakes? Fabulous, but it's still fun to learn more all the time. I should get back into doing that, I can't remember a thing lol

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