Bordered Patch Caterpillar Study

Bordered Patch Caterpillar Study

I think it's pretty clear what my hobby is from my last few pages haha - These are bordered patch butterflies! I found them decimating the sunflowers I planted so I brought a few inside to raise and release back outside. I figured at least then I could control the leaves that they ate. One even managed to get out of the mesh bag I raise all my butterflies/moths in and made it's chrysalis on an Amazon package- the coolest part was that I managed to get a time lapse video of it making the chrysalis!

Video with Time lapse:

Products Used:
Vintage Artistry Nature Study Stamp Pack 01 *Coming Soon*
Vintage Artistry Nature Study Ledger Paper *Coming Soon*
Vintage Artistry Nature Study Wings Ephemera *Coming Soon*
Frame and Blend Story Vol05 LT04 *Coming Soon*
What a beautiful butterfly - wonderful page! And so cool to see the time lapse video - thanks for sharing!!
You’re amazing Kelly! Love the video and following your process on IG! Beautiful butterfly and layout!
That is an opportunistic bordered patch caterpillar! I love the magnifying glass element calling our attention to the photo. What a fabulous hobby! Thank you for the link to the timelapse video. So cool!
So interesting! I think you have a wonderful hobby, Kelly. I’m glad you share these pages in the gallery to showcase the lovely butterflies.
My 12 year old would love to have this wonderful hobby! I am going to show him the timelapse video! Such a great layout to document this!

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