Autumn Moments

Autumn Moments

So ready to be scrapping Autumn!

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Photo - Svitlana - Unsplash

So much changes as the years go by. The thing is, it’s often so subtle that it’s not even noticed until one day, it hits you that things just aren’t the same. I’m not sure when I switched from being a fan of Summer to a lover of Autumn. Or why. But a Facebook post the other day happened to shed a little light. It listed things about the warmer weather that really aren’t enjoyable. One of them was “there’s too much flesh on show”. That’s it! Totally. Not mine, you understand - I’m now at an age (and shape sadly) that I can’t dress for heat anymore. So it stands to reason that as a wearer of jeans all year round, I’m uncomfortable with warmer temperatures. The fact that I also have an addiction to jerseys, boots and scarves probably has something to do with it too. As well as cool, crisp air and everything pumpkin and cosy. It’s official... I am more than ready for Fall.

I agree with you 100%! Fall has always been my favorite. Maybe because my birthday is 9/22 and about every other year that is the fall equinox.
Your journaling is fabulous. What a great way to tell your story, that photo is perfect!

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