20 Things I have learnt in 2020 - lesson 8

20 Things I have learnt in 2020 - lesson 8

So I'm not doing a Days of December this year, this album shall be the end to the year for me, documenting what I have learnt in 2020, the good and the bad. A legacy book for our grandkids so they will know what 2020 was like and the year they lived through.

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Crikeys have I really only done 8 !!?? I have 12 more to think about. I might run out of lessons for myself.
I am already forgetting some of these details! How special to have them all recorded. I think the social shift to the acceptability (and desirability) of masks is one of the most interesting ways our society has changed.
Your journaling is always so well done and I love the look of the page! Hopefully in a few years you'll be able to read all that and say, remember when.... love it
Your detailed journaling about the facts combined with your insights is so perfect. Your grandkids will get a history lesson combined with such precious insights into who you are as a person. What a blessing for them.
Another wonderful page about this strange time! Love reading your journaling (I read every bit). Such a great way to memorialize this unusual experience.
Another wonderful page for the next generation, Carol (what will they make of all this?!), with such great documentation! We were so lucky up here - masks weren't mandatory, in fact, the only time I wore a mask all year was for 24 hours, waiting to get results of a COVID-19 test back in May. I don't know how you handled it for 8 hours a day!

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